Id equality assertions for chai.

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Ids come in lots of flavors. Sometimes they’re strings, sometimes objects. Sometimes you’ll find them at .id, other times at ._id. ChaId lets you test for equality by comparing string representations of ids, with minimal fretting about initial representation or location:

{_id: 'foo'}'foo')
'foo'{id: 'foo'})
{id: 'foo', bar: 2}{id: 'foo', baz: 3})
{_id: 'foo'}{_id: 'bar'})
{_id: 'foo'}{id: {toString: function() { return 'foo'}})
{_id: 'foo'} ObjectId('foo'))

You can also compare lists of objects by id:

[{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}].should.have.ids ['a', 'b']
['a', 'b'] ['a', 'b']
[{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}].should.have.same.ids [{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}]
[{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}].should.not.have.same.ids [{id:'b'}, {id:'a'}]

By default, order matters. To ignore order, chain unordered:

[{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}].should.have.same.unordered.ids [{id:'b'}, {id:'a'}]

You can test for a subset of ids by chaining include or contain:

[{id:'a'}, {id:'b'}].should.include.same.ids [{id:'a'}]

Works well with MongoDB ObjectIds: ObjectId())
(new ObjectId())


This is a plugin for the Chai Assertion Library. Install via npm.

npm install chaid


Use this plugin as you would all other Chai plugins.

var chai = require('chai')
  , chaid = require('chaid');