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Deep equal assertions with tolerance for chai.

Why a v2?

This is a forked version from Turbo87/chai-roughly, which have been updated to use the latest version of chaijs/deep-eql, rather than using a modified forked version.


npm install --save-dev chai-roughly-v2


After importing chai, add the following code to use chai-roughly-v2 assertions:

const chai = require('chai');


Now you can use the expect(...).to.roughly.deep.equal(...) chain for deep equals assertions with tolerance for numbers. The default tolerance is 1e-6 and can be overwritten by using e.g. expect(...).to.roughly(0.001).deep.equal(...).

const { expect } = chai;

it('works', () => {
  const result = { value: 41.9999999 };
  expect(result).to.roughly.deep.equal({ value: 42 });


chai-roughly is licensed under the MIT License.