Chai Checkmark

Checkmark is a Chai plugin for counting assertions made during a test. Often, when dealing with asynchronous tests, it can be difficult to determine if a callback was actually called. With Checkmark, you can be assured that the assertion was made.


Include Checkmark in the browser, as a CommonJS module, or through AMD.

<!-- Browser -->
<script src="chai.js"></script>
<script src="chai-checkmark.js"></script>
// CommonJS
var chai = require("chai"),
    plugin = require("chai-checkmark")
// AMD
require(["chai", "chai-checkmark"], function(chai, plugin) {

How to use

describe("something", function() {
  it("should check two things", function(next) {
    expect(2).checks(next) // <-- pass in the callback

    "sync test""string").mark() // <-- check 1

    setTimeout(function() {
      // check 2, callback is called after the current event finishes
      "async test""string").mark()
    }, 500)


Checkmark builds on Chai’s assertion library by adding just two methods:

expect(Number).check(Function) or .checks(Function)

This must be called before .mark() but doesn’t have to be at the very beginning of a test. You establish how many times you expect .mark() to be called and optionally pass in a callback to be called when the number of marks is reached.


Add .mark() to the end of every assertion to which you want to have tracked by Checkmark. You can use any number of Chai’s assertions, including .and, as long as you end your statement with .mark().


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